Saturday, June 26, 2010

New plans

As it is evident, I haven't posted in a while. The reason is that I've been swamped with school work and exams which had to be given my full attention. Therefore I had to further delay any video reviews I wanted to make.

But that also gave me time to think.
video reviews and gaming blogs are already filling the web. I can't compete with the professional gaming sites. Hell, I take most of my info from them. Same goes for video reviews; the sites that make them do so with better equipment than mine... so what exactly am I trying to achieve here?

So I started throwing that question around and realized that making a blog that gives PC reviews isn't really what I should be doing. Looking at previous posts, what got me most excited and thrilled about writing were the hot topics concerning PC gaming and gaming in general. So I have decided that this blog will no longer function as a place to look for game reviews, but to find opinions and thoughts about the gaming world and what goes on there. Because no matter how many gaming sites there there is always room for new perspectives.

I will continue to make videos of the games i play, but not as reviews. You may view them as such, I guess. You can look at the game and my comments to decide whether or not to buy the game, but this will not be my sole intention. I will make video journals, describing my experiences of a specific game, my thoughts on the genre it fits into as a whole and how it functions within it. The video will not be about whether the game is 'good' or not, or whether or not it is worth the money. Generally, the videos will be about gaming culture expressed through the games and my thoughts about them.

This is my plan, anyway. I'm sure it will be more interesting and I'm hoping whoever watches agrees with me. This also removes the pressure of making video reviews consistently and of new games - because I can also make videos of my older games and talk of how they influenced the industry.

This line of thinking has gotten me excited over this blog again, I can't wait to get to it!