Wednesday, September 29, 2010

QTE chores

I've recently started playing Resident Evil 5 and even though it's quite fun I'm really annoyed by how consoley it is...
Just the clumsy way your character moves around, the very inconvenient shooting and equipment mechanic... But of course it's not only the control but the way the game itself is designed. It amazes me how much of this game consists of cut-scenes. They're amazing cut-scenes, I'll admit, but if this game represents the majority of console games of its type today then I'm really happy I do't play them that much. There's just not that much really to do there. And, of course, there had to be QTEs. Seriously, is there a petition somewhere to ban this completely boring, useless, stupid mechanic from games forever? It is completely symbolic of how console games just want you to do nothing while they show you something cool. And it is cool, but let me play the game, not just click random buttons like a moron.

Okay, I guess I'm ranting a bit because this really does bug me, but this game isn't bad - it is juvenile, perhaps, but not bad. In any case I think I'll make a video log of it once I finish it, or sooner if I feel I've seen enough.