Wednesday, September 29, 2010

QTE chores

I've recently started playing Resident Evil 5 and even though it's quite fun I'm really annoyed by how consoley it is...
Just the clumsy way your character moves around, the very inconvenient shooting and equipment mechanic... But of course it's not only the control but the way the game itself is designed. It amazes me how much of this game consists of cut-scenes. They're amazing cut-scenes, I'll admit, but if this game represents the majority of console games of its type today then I'm really happy I do't play them that much. There's just not that much really to do there. And, of course, there had to be QTEs. Seriously, is there a petition somewhere to ban this completely boring, useless, stupid mechanic from games forever? It is completely symbolic of how console games just want you to do nothing while they show you something cool. And it is cool, but let me play the game, not just click random buttons like a moron.

Okay, I guess I'm ranting a bit because this really does bug me, but this game isn't bad - it is juvenile, perhaps, but not bad. In any case I think I'll make a video log of it once I finish it, or sooner if I feel I've seen enough.


  1. QTES were only nice in Shenmue because they were different. God of War may get away with it but I think this is a part of game history that needs to die. I tried playing Star Wars Forced unleashed the other day on PC and was horrified to find QTES in it. I think the worst part of the game is the terrible job they did to translate it to PC from console. 15 years ago I would avoid all console ports to PC like the black plague but in 2010 I shouldn't have to. When will game designers realize it is not ok to try to just patch over controls instead of build a new system for PC? It is the same with game like Assassins Creed or GTA. I think what pissed me off most with SWFU though was when I tried to change my control settings I was unable to and instead they just show me a picture of an XBOX controller. I mean really how lazy are you that you just show me a picture of a controller instead of building a menu to for PC users. No more of my money will be spent on console ports until they shape up (unless of course Heavy Rain gets put on PC).

  2. I agree completely! Even GTA IV had a dumb QTE at the end. SWFU is really one of the worst cases of bad ports, though. I only regret that I know I'm going to buy SWFU2 regardless because I'm a SW whore.

    But I can only hope that maybe... just maybe they'll do a decent job of converting it to PC this time around.

    Eh, who am I kidding...