Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slight change in plans


My PC is back in top shape and I've been hard at work on the Bioshock 2 video review. Only problem is, I think it's crap.
As I said before, I'm trying to find my way through these. I want the videos to show aspects of the gameplay but I don't want the whole review to be too long and bore people. So I decided that what I've recorded so far simply was too long and not interesting enough. Plus, I'd have to record a lot of video footage and frankly there's not much of it I can show that's really interesting. So the bioshock review will, sadly, have to be postponed again.

Never fear, however! I bought yesterday a snazzy little game called Beat Hazard. It's another one of those games which uses your music tracks to enrich your playing experience and overload your cerebral cortex. Since this is a fairly small game that's just been released for PC via steam, I feel it's appropriate for me to make a short video review for it as well. It will probably be up in a couple of days.

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