Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Small Update

My review of Bioshock 2 is almost ready and will hopefully be uploaded over the weekend. It took a bit longer than I thought but I have nobly forgiven myself as I'm swamped with schoolwork.

On another note, I felt a bit depressed today as I realized that the new C&C game will be the first one I don't play. I've played every single title since the first one, and it's awful that with Tiberian Twilight they've ruined the series so much that it's just not worth the money anymore. I'll probably buy it out of reverence to the franchise once the game price is cut to around half what it is now. That won't be for a while I reckon but I'm in no rush to play this.

Obviously there won't be a video review for the game, then, but feel free to look at major game sites. Trust me, it's not pretty. It just seems that the whole development process lost track of what C&C was all about. On top of the game itself not being that hot, they added to it the same nasty DRM that requires you to be online at all times.

Ah well. Here's hoping somewhere down the line someone decides to revive the series and bring it back to its glory.

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