Friday, March 19, 2010

Damn you, Steam! I love you too much!

I just purchased Aliens Vs. Predator in a Steam weekend deal. 33% off!

I used to buy my games in stores. Where I live, the prices get expensive. So I would get only the games I seriously wanted. These days I only go to the games store for hardware or look at the retail prices and make fun of them. Steam. The games are cheaper, I get them faster, and almost every week there's a lucrative offer.

That's a blessing but also a problem for me. I've become a compulsive game shopper. Every time there's a deal it takes a whole lot out of me not to buy anything. Package deals, huge discounts... how can I resist this?

But I'm not complaining I guess. I'd rather buy the games I want for cheaper than have to give them up because of overcharging retailers. I suppose what I'll have to do is develop some self control.

At least this means I'll be reviewing more games. Expect an AvP review in a few weeks!

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